Win in the game you like best and rise to the top.

Challenge Games are a collection of hyper casual games, all connected by one Framework. This has many advantages!

What’s more: All games contain so-called challenges that allow you to quickly achieve lots of points.

There are different types of challenges: Public Challenges to compete with all players, Quick- and Daily Challenges to play against your friends.

Gems and Chaos
Follow und Follower

Become a follower

Socializing pays off! By becoming a follower of other players, a player gets the opportunity to participate in Quick and Daily Challenges and earn more points faster.

Compete against other real people worldwide.

Find follower

You can also have followers of your own. Create and nurish your own fanbase, host your own challenges and invite other players to join.

Compete with others in the challenges

Play challenges against your followers and you may rise the high score together.

Become the global champion

You have the chance to dominate the highscore! Besides the ranking in your favorite game, you will also be listed in the Global Ranking with all other Challenge Games. This way you can become the Global Leader playing the games you like best.

Fame is within your reach.